Why Work With Me

When I studied at Barnard College and Columbia University (in the New Wave days of the late 70s), I volunteered as a big sister to an 11 year old girl from Harlem named Bonnie Jones. Her father shot pool and was a crack addict. Her mom sat in the kitchen staring off into space. I’d buy Bonnie a chocolate ice cream cone and tell her how I worked as a waitress but dreamed of being a writer.

After I wrote her name into a line of a poem called In the Streets for which I won an award, I showed her the printed piece. She lit up like a movie star and told me she wanted to be just like me.

Years later, I was a mentor for the Afghan Women’s Writing Project. Young women wrote poems and stories at the risk of death. Writing was a courageous act that put them at great peril and their words slapped me awake about freedom and the power of one person’s voice. One of my students, Mahnaz, is now a mentor herself as well as a writer, photographer and filmmaker who is studying at graduate school.

I knew all my life that words created magic.

Words have tremendous impact.

Words empower millions to create poetry, nonfiction and fiction. 

Words give you a voice.

Want a way to inspire massive social action and change? Create a manifesto, a genuine message that affects people where they are and where they want to be.

Want the right copy to powerfully persuade people to act and buy? 

Can’t you just hire your friend’s son, any English major or intern to whip out compelling copy?


Do you want to have your customers practically beg you to give you their money? Then you better hire a pro. Marketing and advertising copywriters train long and hard to come up with stuff like Nike’s Just do it line, De Beers’ A diamond is forever phrase and Dove’s Real Beauty tag line–some of the most ka-ching-producing slogans of all time.

In this day and age of massive info overload:

•  every business like yours has created a yawn-inducing blog that isn’t resulting in more clients

•  even the cleaners and dentists are sending you newsletters (like you really want to read about dry cleaning chemicals and the latest in wisdom teeth extraction?!)

•  every business like yours requests people’s email addresses (build that elusive list!) in exchange for a cheap freebie bait piece

•  every business—big and small—is also scrambling to get on every form of social media out there…or else—and they’re not getting new clients from all of this time-sucking effort!

Your messaging, the integration of all of your marketing materials across your platform, and your brand should cut through the clutter. Your copy should tell us how you can solve our problems, address our pain points…

I love helping companies market in a simple way. I love helping integrate all the pieces in a genuine way people will relate to. I love coming up with innovative solutions that just feel right.

Most companies I work with aren’t even leveraging what they’re already doing. It’s like they’re losing thousands of dollars and don’t even know it.

I love positioning companies as thought leaders in the industry. Why come to you when I can go to your competitor? Why hire your small business when I don’t know what you can do for me? Besides, I never saw you speak or heard you on the radio.

As mega-successful, Stanford trained entrepreneur Ramit Sethi of I Will Teach You to Be Rich fame says: “Strong copy has been the engine of (our business) for years. It’s how we’ve grown a list of over 500,000 subscribers, 30,000+ paying customers and millions in sales every year.”

As a communicator, marketer, writer, editor and project manager, I’ve learned how to communicate messages and think of the audience whether that is a reader, prospect or customer. You want someone with a track record—who has helped their clients grow their businesses.

If strong copy is the engine as Ramit said, then how’s your company’s engine?

Do you want to flood your inbox with LOADS of amazing new clients—even if you hate marketing and selling?

I like to make things easy. Streamlined. Simple. Real.

My ability to empathize and connect with people and my 30+ years of experience in communications and marketing has helped me convert audiences into untold customers and clients in a range of industries. I’m grateful I’ve earned the trust and respect of my industry peers and leaders.

Whether I was writing about movies for CBS, hawking cheese product for an ad agency, creating compelling flap copy so you’d buy children’s books from Harcourt Brace or shaping copy to market events for Microsoft, I got results.

Whether I was creating stylish copy for Macy’s fashion catalogs or translating science into lay terms to help you protect yourself and your family from skin cancer for Scripps Health…whether I was tuning up the success stories from a partner for the 100 Best Companies in America List… or helping a client rebrand all of her materials to create a cohesive message that she then used as a NYC conference speaker to an audience of thousands of health care leaders…or whether I was project managing an accreditation project or overseeing a social media campaign to 25,000 university students which resulted in an unheard of 18-28% conversion rate over 9 years…

Well, you get the idea…I helped turn words and strategic marketing into outcomes that my clients wanted.

I look forward to helping you and your business, too!